You can manage your payment methods from any Bolt Checkout, found on any participating merchant’s storefront. If you do not already have a payment method set up with your Bolt Account, the checkout will ask you to add a new payment method.

From checkout, you can:

How to Manage Your Payment Methods

  1. Navigate to Checkout on any participating merchant’s site.
  2. Log in to Bolt using your email address.
  3. Select Edit in the Payment section.
  4. Update your payment method information.
    • You can then add or delete a payment method, or update your preferred card.
  5. Select Confirm method to save.

Update payment method


Add New Card

  1. From within the payment method editing area, select + NEW CARD.
  2. Fill out the card info.
  3. Select Submit new method.

Delete a Card

  1. From within the payment method editing area, select Delete. You are then prompted to confirm your request.
  2. Select Yes to confirm.

Change Preferred Card

Your preferred (default) payment method is marked with a star and will be the selected payment method once you enter the checkout. If you don’t want this to be your default card, you can select a new preferred card, or use the edit button to update your payment methods.

  1. Locate the card listed in your payment methods.
  2. Select Select as Preferred.

The selected card is now your preferred payment method and will be used as the default method for future transactions.